NO! Not that kind of winning!

But, If you're looking for some dirty, down-in-the-trenches, straight, no chaser type of actionable content that you can begin using in your real estate business like ASAP, then you'll want to keep reading.

Being able to find rock-solid real estate investing information that you can really sink your teeth into can be a bit of a challenge at times, not to mention, time-consuming. Not knowing who you can trust may leave you vulnerable to unsavory people on the net, who mask themselves as REAL estate investors, and leave you feeling like you should've asked, "Where's the grease?"

Trust me, I know what that feels like from personal experience.

Knowing how frustrating that can be, especially if you're in the beginning stages of your real estate investing career, I've compiled a 'PLAYLIST' full of WINNING blog posts (sorry Charlie Sheen) from folks that I either subscribe to, or follow, and who have proven to be invaluable in my own real estate wholesaling business,and who I TRUST implicitly when it comes to all things real estate.

As you'll see, I've listed some of the best blog posts that I've come across in recent months. Each of these blogs are chock-full of other winning blog posts - these just happen to be my personal favorites.

Let's dive in, shall we???

1. Flop 2 Flip Nation Flop 2 Flip Nation is a blog all about wholesaling real estate by Marcel Umphery from Baltimore, MD.

- Jen Calls Angry Landlords
- How to Find Deals
- Using Bandit Signs
- How to Build a Massive Buyers List FAST

If you're looking to learn real estate wholesaling the RIGHT way, check out Marcel's Flop 2 Flip Wholesaling eManual.

2. Flip This Wholesaler A blog written by Steph Davis, from Tampa, FL., is hailed as the the Queen of REO's.

- First Wholesale Deal
- How to Structure REO Wholesale Deals when Another Wholesaler is Involved
- How to Use the MLS to Build Your Wholesale Buyers List

I haven't personally purchased Steph's REO ebook as of yet, but by everything I've read on her blog, I'm sure you can't miss by adding her Flip This REO to your arsenal.

3. Good Faith Investing is a blog written by Shae Bynes from Jacksonville,FL.

- A Quick Tip for Finding Cash Buyers
- How We Secured Over 200K in Private Money for Real Estate
- Why You Absolutely Must Have Reserves to Buy and Hold Property

If you're still working a 9-5, and you're looking to go from financial frustration, to financial freedom like Shae did, you can find out how she did it in The Financial Freedom GPS ebook

4. How to Wholesale Properties is a collaborative blog written by RJ Pepino and his partner, Jeff Kowalczuk, both from Columbus, OH.

- Closings and Sneaky Buyers
- How to Use Your County's Sec. 8 List to Find Hungry Buyers and Sellers
- What We've Been Up to

5. Flip Crushers At the time of this writing, they are coming off of a product launch, so check back soon!

6. REITips is a blog written by JP Moses from Memphis, Tenn..

- How This Chicago-Italian Skirts the Sign Police
- Gold Digging: How to Mine the MLS for an Opportunity Market

7. Chris Chico

- Target This Type of Seller to Find Real Estate Deals

As I stated earlier, these are just some of my own personal favorites. I know there are others out there, maybe you've come across many yourself that we don't know about. That being said, leave a comment below and share what your own personal favorites are.

Hope you enjoyed the post:)

Action Steps:

1. Take action on the content in these blog posts.

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