Having trouble locating hard to find property owners? Using a good skip trace service may be the answer to your wholesaling prayers.

Being able to speak with the property owner DIRECTLY is invaluable. You are able to cut right to the chase, as opposed to having to send direct mail to contact this party. Don't get me wrong, direct mail can get the job done, but having direct access by phone is many times better.

Simply calling the property owner explaining that you drove past their property, saw it was vacant and you wanted to know if he/she is interested in selling, is pretty much all you need to say - short & to the point.

Try it and see where it takes you. Cold calling is a necessary part of doing this business, and the quicker you get started, the closer you get to getting that deal. You just gotta keep repeating that to yourself, especially if you're encountering a lot of fear talking to property owners.

Much success to you!

Stay Tuned for Part 2!

Action Steps:

1. Signup up with a good skip trace service like Find The Seller or

2. Locate the property owner using the above research

3. Start dialing!

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