Bandit sign marketing is a guerilla marketing tactic that real estate wholesalers employ to get in front of property owners who NEED to sell their house quickly!

In this video, you'll get a chance to see myself, and my partner Margaret, write out our bandit signs using a variation of 'we buy houses' wording on our signs, as well as putting them out in our target areas here in Philly.

This has been proven to be an effective method for generating motivated seller leads, however, as simple as this marketing strategy may be, many folks don't take the time to invest in buying bandit signs, or much less, take the time to to put them out - DON'T let that be you!

If you don't have the financial resources to invest in bandit signs at this time, don't let that deter you - you can always go to a supermarket, or a Lowes/Home Depot, major dept. store, or wherever you think they may have cardboard boxes and use those to write up your signs.

Action Steps:

1. Order bandit signs, or find some card board boxes at an area store.

2. Write up your signs with We Buy Houses, or some variation of it, including the number to call.

3. Place 25 signs in your target area.

4. Wait for the phone to ring.

5. Take calls and determine whether it's a deal or not.

6. If it's a deal, put it under contract.

7. Market the HELL out of it.

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