Calling for rent signs to find motivated sellers is one of those "hidden-in plain-sight" strategies to finding deals - (thanks Marcel). With this particular strategy, we are hoping to find a tired landlord who's just fed up with being a landlord.

In this video, you will here me as I call on one of the for rent signs myself and my partner Margaret came across while cruisin' for cash just a few days earlier.

Unfortunately, there is some interference on the call, but bare with me, it does clears up.

Action Steps:

1. Take note of the For Rent signs in your daily travels.

2. Write down the number (SAFELY) on the sign.

3. Call the owner and explain that you saw his/her sign at
123 Main St., and you were wondering if they have OTHER
properties that he/she would be interested in selling. If yes,
ask them to tell you about the property - #of rooms, baths,
etc. Schedule an appointment to see the property, then make an
offer after you've gathered all of your information.

4. If no, ask if they would be interested in BUYING more properties.
If yes, where, what price point, etc. If you have a property that
meets their buying criteria, lay it on 'em!

4. Keep dialing!

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