First things first - I am NOT an affiliate for any of the products listed on this page. If I were, I would tell you. Not that there is anything wrong with being an affiliate - I just wanted to let you know from the door, so to speak.

You can rest assured that if I make mention of a product, and I'm getting an affiliate commission from it, I use it personally, or am totally confident of how it can help you in your business.

Now that we have that out of the way... 

As a real estate wholesaler, you can NEVER have too many cool tools to assist you with running your wholesaling business, which in turn helps make your life a whole lot easier, and helps you to run a more efficient operation.

Listed below are 17 cool tools to help you do just that.

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1. DocuSign

Electronic signatures for secure, and legal online document signing.

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2. Sign Hammer

Hang all of your bandit signs 8-9 feet off the ground WITHOUT the use of a ladder.

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3. Dirt Cheap Signs

Need bandit signs? At a great price? Haven't found any place cheaper AND the turn around time can't be beat!

You've got a property under contract, now it's time to find out if there are judgments, liens and/or bankruptcies encumbering the property - from the comfort of your home!

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5. Find The Seller 

Skip trace service for that hard to find seller.

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6. Google Maps 

Before rushing out to follow up on that HOT seller lead (or not so hot), punch in the address of that property into Google Maps to get a 'feel' for the neighborhood.

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7. Kodak zI8 

Blows the Flip out of the water! Comes in handy for doing a video walk through of a property you have under contract.

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8. Send Out Cards 

Post card marketing on steroids!

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Affordable post-card marketing.

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10. Aweber

Email marketing software. Great way to broadcast your deals to all of your buyers with one push of a button.

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11. FreeCRM 

Automate, track and manage all of your seller leads, as well as your buyers list, using this database management software. (Fee-based upgrade available)

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12. vFlyer

Allows you to quickly and easily create attractive classified ads or "virtual flyers" that can be posted on dozens of leading online marketplaces in a few simple clicks. (Fee-based upgrade available)

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13. Real Investor Website

Ready to go, super easy to manage website for real estate investors with no work needed on your part.

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14. Real Freedom Websites

Ready to go, super easy to manage website for real estate investors with no work needed on your part, PLUS it's search-engine optimized to help you get found in the search engines, as well as the ability to link to your social media properties, if you so choose.

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15. InvestorCompsOnline

The name says it all!

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16. RehabValuator

Deal, or no deal? Analyze your wholesale deals using this free software to find out.(Fee-based upgrade available)

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17. EzTexting

Send a mass-text about your latest deal to your buyers list with just a push of a button!

Now get off your DUFF and use this STUFF! 

Happy Wholesaling:)

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