Before I dive into the list of real estate wholesalers to watch in 2011, I must be totally transparent with you - I didn't come up with this idea on my own.

I actually got the idea from a blogger named Darren Rowse, the owner of the blog At the beginning of the year, he wrote a blog post showcasing 40 bloggers to watch for in 2011. I thought it was an excellent post, and decided that it was a great idea to post something similar on real estate wholesalers.


Because some of the hardest working (and successful) real estate wholesalers you'll ever meet, are the ones you DON'T hear about everyday. These are folks who are in the trenches every single day, and are really causing a stir in their individual markets. They aren't talkers, they are doers!

With that being said, below you will find, in MY opinion, real estate wholesalers who have a 'no matter what, can do, I eat PERCEIVED obstacles for breakfast' type of an attitude towards wholeslaing, and who you should keep an eye on to either inspire you, learn from, or JV with.

Jonathan DeLaCruz (Hyattsville, MD.) I first came to know of Jonathan on Facebook a few months ago. I later met, and found out that he had sustained a life-changing spinal cord injury on February 23, 2009. Jonathan decided to choose victor over victim, and keep shooting for the stars. His philosophy is this, "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." And hustle he does! Jonathan embodies the phrase NO LIMITS!

Margaret Refile (Philadelphia, Pa.) I met Margaret on the blog 3 months ago. Prior to us meeting, she shared with me that she didn't have access to a vehicle, but didn't allow that to deter her from putting out bandit signs - by FOOT! Yup, by foot. She did the next best thing - hopped on the train, and put her bandit signs out in her target area, and has been moving at 200mph ever since. This woman is COMMITMENT in action!

Erik Torrente (New York, New York) A wholesaler based out of New York City, he wholesales properties here in Philadelphia - VIRTUALLY. Either his own, or by JVing with other wholesalers in this market. Erik, in my opinion, is very skilled at leveraging the power of relationships in this business. And not only that, he is very passionate about adding value to the businesses of others.

Mike and Mel Overstreet (Queens, New York) By way of Maryland, by way of Massachusetts LOL. Mike, and his father Mel, are a father & son wholesaling team who wholesale properties three states away from each other. I met Mel & Mike personally at the Flip This Recession Wholesaling Super Conference, hosted by Marcel Umphery, in Baltimore, MD. You've gotta hear Mike wheel & deal via phone when talking with sellers! The guys a BEAST!

Nikki & Terry Patamewenu (Damascus, MD.) Nikki & Terry are a husband & wife team from Maryland, who migrated here from Thailand. Besides being two of the nicest people you'll ever meet, Terry and Nikki are on FIRE! You can't log onto Facebook without seeing another deal that these two have under contract. I almost forgot, Terry does his part of the business while teaching full-time as a professor, tutoring and as a scientific researcher, while Nikki does hers as a full-time mother!

To Be Continued...

By no means is this meant to be the end-all and be-all of real estate wholesalers to watch in 2011. These are people, as I stated earlier, who, in my humble opinion, are doing some fantastical stuff in the wholesaling space, who have a 'no matter what, CAN do, I eat obstacles for breakfast' kind of attitude towards wholesaling. Equally, I've also come to know that they are people who operate from a place of the utmost integrity - a character trait all too often lost on many people in this business.

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